There are two schools located on the west side, one for the girls, and one for the boys.

Rules Edit

  • Not aloud to carry around a weapon such as: guns, swords, ect.
  • Can't wear reveling uniforms
  • Can't bring boys anywhere near the school
  • If you are bi or lesbian, you are not to have any type of intercorce around the school, they have a place for you to do that

Uniforms and Colors Edit

Freshmen Edit

Freshmen girls wear a purple skirt with a purple shirt. They have black boots and can have a black or purple sweater if they want too.

Sophomore Edit

Sophomore girls wear a dark blue pants / skirt with a black tank top with a dark blue sweater. They can eather choose to wear normal black boots or high heal boots.

Junior Edit

Junior girls wear a red and black plad skirt and red shirt with red high heal boots. They can choose weather to wear black or red boots and choose weather to wear the plad skirt as well.

Senior Edit

Senior girls can wear any colors between black, yellow, orange, green and light blue. They can choose weather it is a skirt or pants, a shirt or tank top, boots or high heels.

The Second Floor Edit

The second Floor is only for the girls who want to have a dorm room like college, but they can only share with the girls of their grade, or have an exception and room with someone in anothe room.

They have four halls, one long hall way for each grade. Each hall is colored the colors of the grade colors, only darker so it wont be so light durning the night.

Third Floor Edit

The third floor is for the bi and lesbian girls to have some fun while their fun up there.