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West Side School

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Consealed Pistle

Mimi is a 15 year old girl that goes to an all girl school on the West side

Apperance Edit

Mimi has light pink hair that goes down her back and curls up a bit. A few strands of her hair hangs down in her face. She wears the normal uniform for the West Side School. Dark purple skirt with a purple shirt and lighter purple sweater. She has dark purple eyes that look black in the dark. She also has dark purple boots to match her eyes.

Personality Edit

Mimi is a quiet girl that some people would call a "Mute." Shes called a mute because she rarly talks. She dosent even talk to her friends! Or any of the teachers. She is also seen to be in a depressed state and sometimes seen to take small pills for that depression.

Past Edit

Mimi has had a troubled past. She has had a boyfriend before, but she once saw him with another girl at a party he went too. She also went there and confronted him. He said that he didnt know what she was talking about and dragged her back to his car. She protested, began screaming for help but he put his hand over her mouth to silence her. When he got her to the car, he tied her down somehow and began to rape her. Thats one reason why she is so quiet, she dosent even tell anyone what happened, shes too afraid too. She seams to have a happy exterior, but on the inside, she is hurt, scared, and sad. She dosent even think she can trust any boys, thats why she decited to go to an all girl school.

Weapons Edit

Black Pistel Edit

She carries around a black gun in her back pack for safty, even at school, even though your not suppose to have weapons at achool, but they never cheak. She had to get it out once, only for it to be taken away and she got a fine for having a loaded gun on school grounds.

Home Weapons Edit

  • Katana - She welds a Katana in her room for protection also, she is afraid someone will come in and kill her.